The home rental startup that announced about its new plan to start a Super host program secured $2m funding from DN capital.
Host maker is planning to protest against the uncertainty in the basic service standards across the homes listed in Airbnb by providing Doormans and Housekeepers for hosts.Hostmaker says that this funding system will allow the company to expand its service across other European cities.
The service which got started in July 2014 is now operating in Rome, Barcelona and London provides service for more than 5000 guests per month.
According to the CEO of hostmaker it is uncertain to book a room in Airbnb without knowing what you are going to get by doing that.
The main aim of the hostmakers is to bring up the Airbnb rentals to a quality place like hotels, but it should not lose the uniqueness of the home style experience. Some investors agree with the new mission of Airbnb and are ready to go with it.
Other investors include DSG consumer partners, Avala capital, co-founder of Delivery hero, Middle East Mohit Srivastava and former MD of Airbnb India.
Hostmakers provides two options to the hosts of Airbnb.In the first option the hosts can take linen service and premium style housekeeping. Hostmakers also provide peer to peer service giving the entire room in the hands of the guests.
According to a new research, it is clear that Airbnb is charging their rentals more than the actual price of traditional hotels.

Airbnb, the hotel distribution network stepped forward to help the stranded travelers in Paris after the deadly attack that killed more than 120 people. The largest hotel distribution requested its platform’s hosts to share their homes with people after several terrorist attacks that took place on 13th of November, 2015. Airbnb’s response attack service helps people from flooding and fire incidents that take place across the globe. After the brutal attack on Paris, Airbnb announced that it is cooperating with national government officials to reach out to the stranded victims in Paris by offering places to stay safe.
Airbnb housing lists in Paris region had an alert on the “black day” and it offered urgent accommodations to stranded people for free. Airbnb’s disaster response service was launched in order to offer help to people after an emergency state and the service received good feedbacks from people across the globe. It was an instant hit among the ardent Airbnb users as well! In fact, the service gained a lot of fame only after the disaster response’s launch, true that! It has offered a great help to the victims of many natural disasters around the world. The service also uses its network to update the hosts and guests regarding general disaster response information. Therefore, Airbnb has played a major role in reaching out to stranded travelers in Paris. A very big kudos to Airbnb and its kind hearted service platform hosts!

Airbnb is not only the website for people who search for rentals but is also considered to be a community of creative people.

Airbnb is a community, where the hosts use the money from Airbnb as income, to show off their creativity to guests from various parts of the world.

To demonstrate this, the company is creating and designing its own projects to make it one of the trusted community marketplaces. It comes with a list of experiences created by the world’s upcoming creative’s across a variety of mediums from foods to music’s and furniture to illustration.

The home rental company has enlisted Chicago’s design with the company to create an interactive session. This idea helps the guests to get a new experience for the each time they return.

The recent ad by Airbnb is a follow up to one of its campaign ’never be a stranger’ which describes our fear of staying in a stranger’s house and assure us about the great experience we gain if we do so.

The design with company conveys that the company’s work was an intersection of techniques and architecture and it also reveals that working with Airbnb for this project is really good. It gives a new world of creativity, providing a sense of playful comfort to visitors.

A French designer set architecture similar to a hedgehog in the street side. The architecture is placed there to indicate a sign in a public area. Its monochrome platforms welcome the performance and events, providing a public corner for people. It is a new sign of creativity of Airbnb.

Airbnb, the online housing rental website is famous in many countries across the globe. Despite being the startup company that was found in 2008, the company has risen to fame and success within few years. The largest online hotel distribution network is a potential threat to all the traditional hotels out there. Nowadays, many people prefer Airbnb service to other private hotels that cost up to $1500 a night.

Airbnb is also working on its plans to extend the service to grab attention from business travelers. It has also implemented convenient features for the travelers to bring in “the homely feeling” to its travelers. The company does feel good campaigns during various crises and has partnerships with huge brand names for marketing purposes. It has got a massive media attention and advertisements play a major role in the company’s fame. It has even offered budget hotels service in many developing countries and has received good responses.

Airbnb allows people to make money of their spare rooms and apartments. The sharing economy trend is catching up like a fire across the globe. The trend would even crack down many industries in near future. Private hotels are already feeling the heat from Airbnb’s tough competition. According to various sources, the traditional hotels would nearly be extinct in near future. The hotel managements must come up with creative ideas to buckle up and put up a strong fight in the race, it’s never too late!

Airbnb, one of the home rental company forms partnership with the Opera House in Sydney to connect the city with global tourist destinations.

This is considered to be the most important partnership Airbnb has formed since its start. The main idea behind the partnership is to focus the best tourist spots in Sydney to international and domestic visitors, which has reached to 8.2 million visitors every year.

The fantastic thing about this partnership is that both depend on the communities. Airbnb plans to build a community of people who like to travel around the world sharing the homes and opera house which is considered to be the greatest house focus to build a community of many things that where they get an offer.

The opera house will give opportunity for thousands of hosts with good ratings to tour the Opera house, which celebrated its 42nd birthday recently. Many Airbnb executives compare this as one of the best partnership since its launch.

This partnership is not only an advance thinking about Opera House trust, but Australia’s move to keep hold of the sharing economy. This partnership still doesn’t allow the guests to book for a night stay to the world’s one of the historic arts centre. There are a huge number of visitors who come to visit the place and take photos.

Airbnb reached milestones in hosting more than two million guests in Australia, where a quarter of the Airbnb stays were based in Sydney because of the Opera House.

Airbnb, an accommodation service brings out its new feature of offering prepaid credit cards to international travelers.

Nowadays travelling to a foreign country seems to be more expensive, which includes flight charge, hotel charge and currency exchange so, Airbnb plans to provide their visitors  to New York with a less cost experience through a program providing international users with a prepaid ‘Experience’ credit card system.

The ‘experience card’ which appears like a credit card is loaded with some amount which travelers can use for their dining, entertainment and shopping in the city.

This program advised on Airbnb website was free to sign up and it does not include any international credit checks or exchange fees.

This credit card enables users to purchase online or directly from shops, but it does not allow visitors to withdraw cash from an ATM, use them for car rentals, hotels and many more.

Airbnb experienced an increase in the number of visitors travelling to New York, as the credit card system is introduced.

To encourage commerce in the city and make the guests to use the card, the company is ready to satisfy them with a list of recommendations.

Aiming for an incentive for using the card, Airbnb provides 10 percent cash back in Travel credits model which the travelers can use for their future trips.

Travelers who have the card does not have to pay for it, but the company reports that,  customer need to pay for the card after their trip is completed.

Airbnb, the hotel distribution network is the most familiar to people across the globe. It is known for its huge inventory and various options on lodgings. You can open your own Airbnb like site with renters. However, many American cities have not yet legalized the service due to many reasons. The Jersey City now wants to legalize Airbnb because it could serve people and the city’s economy rate. Private hotel services are already feeling the pressure on hearing the city’s decision.
6% of hospitality tax would be collected from the Jersey City’s short term rentals. It could increase the economy rate and help the New York state that strictly bans rentals through sites. Airbnb is serving people in San Francisco since October 2014, but the government collects around 14% tax for rentals through sites. Hence, it would be a fair game for all the other private hotel services as well. Airbnb is also providing luxurious service to business travelers in order to grab attention from the corporate world.
The city’s decision to legalize Airbnb is great news for its people and dreadful news for the boutique hotels. Many boutique hotels target the tourists who come to the city, but now it would feel the tough competition from Airbnb. Let us hope the largest hotel distribution channel does not wash out the hotel services in the city. Many sources have predicted that Airbnb would be a huge hit in the city. The company’s CEO, Brian chesky would soon be doing the so called “victory dancing”.

Airbnb is a great opportunity for travelers to find good-value accommodation but it could do a lot more to alert its users from the risk of fraud. There are a number of victims who has been scammed in the name of Airbnb, so security is very essential. Airbnb has done a good deal recently in improving its security.

Recent deal of Airbnb to improve security:

Airbnb has done a deal recently to improve security. They provide users with certain guidelines about how to contact with property owners and how to pay money for their bookings. If the users are ready to follow those guidelines, then not only fraud should extremely difficult but Airbnb promised to refund the money lost. Nowadays fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated. Users who are unfamiliar with this Airbnb are expecting to pay some amount in advance and large sums of money are at stake.

How fraudsters operate??

  • They post the details of properties which don’t exist or which they don’t own and run away with the money.
  • They con genuine host out of their Airbnb log-in details and intercept bookings from genuine customers.

The fraud works by sending an email to host that appears to come from Airbnb asking them to verify their account. The host response those foolishly giving fraudsters access to   their account details.

Airbnb fraudsters trick telegraph readers:

The fraudsters persuade the customers to pay by direct banking method by deceiving them to think they are using the official website. They will send a link to the users which will direct them to the Airbnb fake website which looks like the real one. The users will make the payment after being considering it as a protected website.

How to get rid of Fraudsters:

Reading the Airbnb’s strictures properly, users  can able to know that there is no direct payment method. In order to make secure payment, they need to login with the genuine site(airbnb) and follow the instructions before making any payments. They can pay only through bank cards and paypal. By blogging the Airbnb website and reading the instructions properly, users can combat fraudsters instead of doing fake payments.


Airbnb’s growth is increasing day by day. However, the company has attractors and detractors as well. There was a debate whether or not the company has to suppress the amount of nights to be rented to the travelers in their homes. But the debate ended in the company’s favor. Most of the travelers go with cheap short term homes than pricier hotels. In this case, the hotels are facing a huge loss economically.

Most of the travelers go with cheap short term housing rentals, rather than pricier hotels across the city. But the hotel managements still do not consider Airbnb services as a serious threat. According to the New York Times survey, many travelers go for Manhattan hotel rather than Brooklyn’s “man cave” which costs $40 per night. Still, the hotel management feels the effective impact of Airbnb services at times! The most commonly raised question by most of the American homeowners and renters is that whether or not Airbnb is to blame for rising rents across the city. It has been found out that the services are taking off the units which in turn would affect the rental prices.

The immense growth of Airbnb is also coinciding with few other phenomena as well; the cities have rent-controlled units dominated by markets which in turn limits the market-priced apartment’s availability. Airbnb’s fame has been affecting many rental prices in certain cities. Until people take a serious note of this, the debate would not die anytime faster!


Airbnb is planning to expand the hospitality throughout the cities after defeating Proposition F in San Francisco. However, the company has gotten into controversy along with other rental homing companies when complaints were raised against them. The most common complaint is that many residential homes in famous tourist’s destinations have been turned into mini-hostels that are often prone to trash, noise and traffic problems. Airbnb states that the service is a huge benefit to people who rent their homes for a short period of time because they collect enough revenue.

Airbnb spent up to $8 million to defeat a measure to impose restrictions on short term rentals across the city. The company even announced that it will cooperate with the government to pay the necessary taxes and release reports on key markets. In addition to this announcement, the company also promised to press the short term rental hosts to go along with the local regulations to “prevent short term rentals on creating an impact on the availability and cost of permanent housing for residents across the city.”

The company released statistics on the usage of their services. It is known that nearly 17 million people stayed in a home booked through one of the most prominent housing rental websites, Airbnb. The company’s growth will enlarge as the days pass by, the spokesperson said. But the neighbors of the short term rental properties do not seem to be satisfied with this compact. Nevertheless, the short term housing rental owners do not want their businesses to stop and they want to be good neighbors!